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Carpet Stain Removal

Don't Freak Out about a Carpet Stain

Freaked out by that stain on your carpet? No worries! At Pure Fresh, we believe stains are just another of life’s experiences – one of those things that just happens. In saying that, a good carpet is like a car, every now and again it needs servicing by a professional – and that’s where we step in.

So is it easy to get these stains out?

There are a lot of variables to this question. How old is the carpet? How often is it used? What is the stain comprised of?

Of course, some stains are easier to removes than others, but the Pure Fresh process ensures that your carpet is 100% cleaned, no matter the time frame. The use of organic and eco-friendly products means that not only are they removed, they are removed safely.

Specialised in Stain Removal

Pure Fresh offers an active carpet stain removal service, specialising in the removal of all kinds of stains, including:

  • Water-soluble Stains (including Juice, wine and any other drink you can think of!)
  • Oils, Fats and Wax and Glue
  • Urine (from your naughty pets!)
  • Nail Polish, ink and/or Cigarette Burns

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