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Pet Urine and Odour Removal

Pet Urine and Odour Removal Service

For some of us in Australia, we couldn’t imagine our lives without our pets. They make for great confidants in times of need and are a part of exciting adventures when the family plays with them. Although we consider our dogs' man’s best friends, do we still feel this way when they forget where the toilet is and smell up our home.

Pure Fresh offers a professional pet urine and odour removal service. Australians know that although we love our pets, it’s important to maintain hygiene in the highest manner. It’s important to have our carpets cleaned of pet urine as to ensure safety to your family from bacterial infection.

Pet urine leaves an unpleasant odour in the home, which most people would love to remove. Pure Fresh is pet-friendly! Our eco-friendly products ensure our customers and their pets are living in a safe environment, whilst also caring for the environment around us.

Pure Fresh provides a cost-effective service, satisfaction guaranteed.

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