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Water Damage

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Floods and water damage are caused by blocked and busted sewage pipes torrential rain and many other natural disasters. Pure Fresh will have this problem sorted out for you in no time.

Purefresh water damage procedure:

  • We extract all excess water in a damaged area. Extracting most water is essentially reducing the risk of mould and browning in your carpet
  • We treat it with an anti-mould and anti-browning solution prevent your precious carpet from turning brown, moulding and leaving your carpet smelling as good as new bacteria free.
  • We apply the solution to the carpet using today’s latest technology
  • Of course, underlay can be a problem and that’s why technicians at pure fresh will assess and depending on its condition will put out air movers and dehumidifiers to solve this issue.

Our Expertise

Pure fresh technicians will provide you with a 100% guarantee service assuring that your home is left family and pet safe smelling fresh and bacteria free. Using Eco-friendly solutions so you and your family can enjoy the comfort of your home instantly.

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