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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Convenient After Hour Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpets in commercial settings are subject to heavy foot traffic, and therefore far exceed the wear and tear of residential properties. In restaurants, for example, carpets are subject to food spillage which can lead to numerous stains of all different severities. Commercial carpets require a more frequent, deeper cleaning service to maintain that fresh look, feel and smell.

It’s important for us to diagnose the extremity of any damages on a job to job basis. Depending on the usage of the carpet, it could impact on the products used. Pure Fresh is able to organise commercial cleaning outside of business hours as to allow for the proper time required to freshen your carpet to a satisfactory standard. This will also help maintain your schedules and productivity.

Regular Cleaning Helps Prevent Irreparable Damange

Commercial Carpets benefit from professional cleans on a regular basis, rather than occurring only when the problem becomes severe. Restaurants, clubs and bar carpets are frequently dosed in both drink and food spillages, and if not properly cared for can begin to smell and risk irreparable damage. Commercial carpets with heavy traffic and high risk of stains are recommended to have a professional clean every 2-3 months. Rather than spending the thousands of dollars on replacing carpets with irreparable damage, have them intermittently cleaned by the professionals here at Pure Fresh.

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