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Our Company

The staff at Pure Fresh have over 7 years’ experience in the Carpet Cleaning industry. This means that you can expect professionally trained staff, educated in and about the best and latest products and procedures guaranteed to make your carpet look, smell and feel fresher than ever!

At Pure Fresh, we pride ourselves on providing the best organic, eco-friendly carpet cleaning service in the region. In cleaning your carpets, we do not use the same harsh, heavy chemicals as many other services. These chemicals can leave residues on the carpet and other soft surfaces that are not only harmful for the surface itself, but to people, your pets and the environment!

Our Expertise

So why should you let the Pure Fresh team into your home?

Using the newest technology in steam cleaning, our service provides the same depth as a chemical clean. We remove the germs, dirt, grime and stains but leave your carpets looking, smelling and feeling fresh – giving you a healthier home! Our eco-friendly, organic products combined with the latest technology allow for smaller water consumption and a service that’s safe for the kids, adults, pets and the environment!

Not only do we offer a residential carpet cleaning service, we also offer a commercial service. This is paired with our stain removal, upholstery, leather, rug and curtain cleaning services. Want to know more? Check out our services on the All Services link to start planning your Pure Fresh experience today!

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